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Vibra Technics Performance Uprated ST150 Torque Link Engine Mount - Ford Fiesta

Vibra Technics Performance Uprated ST150 Torque Link Engine Mount - Ford Fiesta

Vibra Technics Performance Uprated Engine Mount - Vibratechnics


  • Vehicle: Ford Fiesta MK V (ST150)
  • Direct Replacement For Original Mount
  • High Level Of Engine Control
  • Improves Ride And Handling
  • Isolates Vibration


Vibra Technics Performance Uprated Engine Mount for the Fiesta ST150


The standard torque link allows too much engine movement under performance driving conditions therefore we have developed this billet aluminium item fitted with uprated rubber bushes.


The bushes are designed to reduce the movement at the link from +/-10mm to +/-2mm. This will result in some increase in noise and vibration in the cabin.


But the stress will be reduced on such items as exhaust system, intake system, drive shaft joints and gearchange and the car will have a much 'tighter' feel.


The mount is available in 4 colours. If no colour is specified on your order it will be supplied in black as standard


Vibra Technics Performance Uprated Engine Mounts have been designed for high performance applications where a direct replacement for the standard mount is required along with a much higher level of engine control to cope with higher engine outputs, and higher road inputs caused by fast driving.


The fast road mounts give significant improvements in ride and handling without adversely affecting vibration isolation. Strong enough for engine support during hard driving, but compliant enough for daily road use.

Vibra Technics uprated engine mounts are manufactured primarily from natural rubber compounds and occasionally from blends of synthetic and natural rubber to give particular properties for specific applications.


Extensive experience and testing in all kinds of environmental conditions by automobile manufacturers has shown that only natural rubber compounds give optimum performance and durability, which is why it is still universally used today by every car manufacturer.


Where the rubber needs to be attached to metal components, this is achieved by chemically bonding the rubber to the metal during the molding process, using the latest chemical adhesive systems.

Fitting Vibra Technics Performance Engine Mounts give a performance advantage to any fast road car.

Vibra-Technics Automotive was originally established to produce high quality engine mounts for high performance sports cars, built by smaller specialist car manufacturers.


Racing and fast road saloon car mounts were then developed for a variety of makes and models, and this has grown the business to where they now offer over 50 specific products for high performance cars, with more general products which can be used in a variety of applications from V8 engined kit cars to ATV's.

Vibra-Technics Automotive technical staff have collected over 30 years experience in the design of rubber components used in the automotive Industry.


Their experience has been gained working for a number of multi-national rubber companies engaged in the design and manufacture of chassis components used by all the major automobile manufacturers.


This experience means that when you fit a Vibra Technics engine mount, you can be sure you are fitting the best.

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