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OC Motorsport MSD 400 Focus RS Mk3 Power Upgrade + 50bhp + 90NM

OC Motorsport MSD 400 Focus RS Mk3 Power Upgrade + 50bhp + 90NM

MSD400 Package (up to 400PS) 

This package is the best seller.


Package Includes:




Its designed to work with the factory hardware, but a free flowing air filter is recommended to help with the extra air flow. This calibration further increases the top end power, retaining the same 560NM of torque low down but extending the power higher up the rev range to 400PS.


The factory rev limiter is retained, as are all the temperature protection features carefully programmed in by Ford, such as power limiting if coolant, oil, exhaust or charge temperatures get high. The ECU will actively lower your available throttle opening and boost pressures as well as add fuel to cool things down until such time as the temperatures are back within safety parameters. Some tuners remove all this to achieve their power - Take care out there.


The package includes the supply and fitment of:

  • Evolution Chips MSD400 ECU calibration
  • Full Engine Management Diagnostics Check


Options Available:


  • Decat MIL Eliminated (For vehicle with a De-Cat fitted)
  • Launch Control RPM set-point options of 4000 / 4500 / 5000 rpm.
  • Stop / Start disable.
  • Eco shift light disable.
  • Enhanced "Pops & Burbles" sound and RPM threshold.
  • Extreme "Pops & Burbles" sound available for vehicles with no catalyst.
  • Enable / Disable "Pops & Burbles" in Normal / Sport / modes as required.


Total cost including labour and vat = £788.99

You could also add the awesome COBB Accessport to this deal for only £300 extra! Get all the extra COBB features, plus the ability to install it at home yourself and even remove and resell it when you change cars.
Please visit our webshop for more details...


We also recommend the following optional items to complement the conversion:

  • A stronger compressor bypass valve. Plumb Back or Dual 
  • A step colder spark plug grade is highly recommended. We recommend either:
    • NGK
    • Denso

Please call us on purchase on 01268 906 380 oe email info@oc-motorsport for additional remap options.

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