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MAXD OUT Mk8 Fiesta ST Stage 1 Package - Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 2018

MAXD OUT Mk8 Fiesta ST Stage 1 Package - Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 2018

  • Proven Fiesta ST MAXDOUT Software
  • Highest Quality Milltek Sport Exhaust System
  • High Flow Panel filter
  • Pumaspeed Smooth Silicon Induction Pipe


When it comes to tuning the New 2018 3 cylinder 1.5 turbo Fiesta ST there MAXD were the first on the market to tune the new car.
The First MAXDOUT Stage 1 power kit has now officially been tested and proven worldwide.

OC Motorsport has worked with MAXD since 07 & Pumaspeed Performance have developed and combined some simple very easily added hardware and combined this with the New MAXDOUT Stage 1 software to create a perfectly safe and reliable Stage 1 package.


With power lifted to 235-240 plus bhp from the MAXDOUT Tuned 1.5t 3 cylinder and a soundtrack from the Milltek Sport GPF Back Stainless Steel exhaust the 2018 Fiesta ST can hold its own with some quite extensively modified track toys.


The MAXDOUT Stage 1 kit for the New Fiesta ST 1.5T

- MAXDOUT Stage 1 Tuning Programmer
- Milltek GPF Back Exhaust
- Pumaspeed High Flow Panel Filter
- Pumaspeed Smooth Silicon Induction Pipe


 The MAXDOUT tuning box offers no compromises when it comes to getting the most out of your Fiesta ST, not only is it capable of delivering the ECU remap it can also put the original tune back onto the car so you can go back into ford for that all important service every year that will maintain your warranty.

The MAXDOUT Programmer can have mapping to suit (95 RON Fuel) and (99 RON Fuel) so dont fear if your local station only has low grade fuel, MAXDOUT can provide the tune you need via a simple email.

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