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Ford Focus RS Mk3 Ramair Performance Induction Kit

Ford Focus RS Mk3 Ramair Performance Induction Kit



Genuine Cold Air Feed, Unique Foam Filter design, CNC profiled tube work for 100% results

Performance Induction Kit by Ramair for the Ford Focus RS mk3 2.3T Ecoboost (Ford Focus mk III 3 RS).

This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment.


Unlike some other kits our intake system maintains a 76mm diameter pipework from filter to turbo whilst allowing the engine cover to remain fitted without cutting or modification.


Unlike some other kits ours allows connection of the factory re-circ pipe without additional hardware and hoses.


Our kit has a CNC machined mount for the factory air intake sensor, allowing for a clean ‘OEM-Plus’ look.

This kit mounts to standard factory mounting points and rubbers.


The kit comprises of…

Jetstream Performance Cone FilterOur huge, double radius, aluminium base, performance foam air filter, with stainless steel cage construction for superior internal structural support.


All these feature combine to offer optimal flow characteristics.Aluminium Intake Hard PipeFull, single piece, aluminum hard-pipe turbo intake incorporating laser cut and folded bracketry and CNC machined billet sensor and re-circ pipe connectors.


The pipework maintains a full 76mm diameter all the way back to the turbo inlet connection.Heat Shield with OEM mounting pointsLaser cut, precision folded heat shield powder-coated in black, is designed to fit directly to the standard OEM factory air box mounting points and rubbers without the need for modification.


The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay and directing the air from the factory cold feed around the filter cone.


Full Fitting KitIncludes all nuts bolts, hose clamps and high quality silicone hose connectors necessary to fit the kit to a standard car (This kit requires utilisation of some components from the standard intake pipe and air box).

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