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Ford Fiesta ST150 Mk6 GGR Cold Air Induction Kit

Ford Fiesta ST150 Mk6 GGR Cold Air Induction Kit

GGR Ford Fiesta ST150 CAIS Cold Air Induction KIt GGF1022


Fiesta ST Induction Kit - GGR C.A.I.S. Cold Air Induction SystemThe standard air filter box is located on top of the engine and incorporates a complicated mix of resonator boxes, and torturous hose shapes etc.

So, due to its position on top of the engine the inlet air can become heated and the complicated route the intake air takes creates a restriction to the air flow.


Both of these restrictions can create a loss of power, but is solved by fitting a GGR cold air induction system to your Fiesta ST.

We have devised a much simpler and far more effective Cold Air Induction System for the car. It consists of a hard enamelled spun Black aluminium outer casing, large cone K&N filter element, and an enamelled and spun aluminium bell-mouth assembly. This picks up cold air from the original position in the bonnet slam panel, and feeds directly into the throttle inlet through a custom made silicone hose which also incorporates the engine breather system return.


Once fitted the on the road performance shows a significant improvement in both power and throttle response and this was confirmed by a back to back rolling road test which showed over 15 BHP improvement at the wheels, and almost 13 Nm improvement in maximum torque.The GGR CAIS kit comes with full fitting instructions

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