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Vibra Technics ST150 Uprated LH Engine Mount Track SPEC

Vibra Technics ST150 Uprated LH Engine Mount Track SPEC

Vibra Technics ST150 and Fiesta Mk6 Uprated LH Engine Mount - Vibratechnics (Track SPEC)


  • Vehicle: Ford Fiesta MK 6 (ST150)
  • Triple Bonded Rubber
  • High Level Of Engine Control
  • Improves Ride And Handling
  • Isolates Vibration


This mount is designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM gearbox mount.


It is designed to virtually eliminate unwanted gearbox movement under the most extreme racing conditions. It is considerably stronger than the OEM part and is an essential fit for any ST150 used for motorsport.


Vibra Technics Performance Uprated LH Engine Mount for the Fiesta ST150

Fitting Vibra Technics Performance Engine Mounts give a performance advantage to any fast road car.

Vibra-Technics Automotive was originally established to produce high quality engine mounts for high performance sports cars, built by smaller specialist car manufacturers.


Racing and fast road saloon car mounts were then developed for a variety of makes and models, and this has grown the business to where they now offer over 50 specific products for high performance cars, with more general products which can be used in a variety of applications from V8 engined kit cars to ATV's.

Vibra-Technics Automotive technical staff have collected over 30 years experience in the design of rubber components used in the automotive Industry. Their experience has been gained working for a number of multi-national rubber companies engaged in the design and manufacture of chassis components used by all the major automobile manufacturers. This experience means that when you fit a Vibra Technics engine mount, you can be sure you are fitting the best.

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