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DIY MAXD-OUT Flash Tuning Box - Fiesta ST180 Stage 2R

DIY MAXD-OUT Flash Tuning Box - Fiesta ST180 Stage 2R

MAXD-OUT Mail Order Tuning Box Stage 2R - MAXD-OUT Software


  • Tune your ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the World
  • Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows based PC
  • De Cat enabled ( No MIL Light )
  • Up to 254 bhp capable
  • Low 13 secs drag time
  • Crackle maps for both decat and sports cat available


The MAXD tuning device allows you total control of the vehicles engine calibration with the use of any Windows based PC.

This Stage 2 version of the MAXD-OUT device contains the first 4 engine calibrations to choose from not just one like other tuning boxes.

 These are Stage 1 (225bhp), STAGE 1 R  (240bhp), Stage 2 (235bhp), Stage 2R-Version 8 (254bhp)

The new VERSION 8 STAGE 2R IS NOW AVAILABLE, proven at 254 plus bhp, the most powerful available.

The ST180 Fiesta EcoBoost is perfect to tune. Add some simple breathing modifications and calibrate the ecu and the engine responds with a great urge without over stressing anything.

    556,40£ Precio
    529,00£Precio de oferta
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