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Athena Ford Focus ST RS Mk2 Head Gasket WRC Spec

Athena Ford Focus ST RS Mk2 Head Gasket WRC Spec

 4 layer head gasket to suit all Volvo and Ford Focus RS mk2 applications


  • Higher Quality than OE
  • Extra thickness


Athena MLS Headgaskets consist of 2-5 layers of steel sheets of different compositions and covered by an elastomer layer that gives excellent sealing properties.


Raisded beadings around the combustion chambers and oil / coolant passages increase the local sealing pressure  whilst full-surface or partial elastomer coatings provide additional tightness. Thanks to their composition, Athena gaskets considerably incease the sealing and injection pressure to the lowest engine head bolt tension and guarantee better reliabiltity and performance.


The gasket is 1.2mm thick so is slightly thicker than the OE Volvo / Ford item which does have the added benefit on allowing a minor skim from the face of the Cylinder Head. If major Skimming has been done we also now offer 1.6mm thick gasket

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